You Need Quality Content–Blogs, Articles, eBooks, Feature, Bios and More!

I can create all that and so much more!

Attract new customers, Convert your Prospects, and Retain loyal clientele. . .

With the Power of Words

Though the Internet revolution has radically reshaped the way we shop, live, and work the one thing that hasn’t changed is the power of words.

  •  Words still sell products and services
  •  Words still grab local and national attention
  •  Words still earn good will
  •  Words still work
  • And they always will.

In order for your business or organization to stay relevant, recognizable, and profitable you need a professional who hasn’t forgotten about the power of words.
No company is too small to harness that power — every mom-and-pop business online is just as important to its owner (probably more so) than a national law firm is to its Senior Partners.

What Quality Content Can Do for You

  • Sales letters — move your products and services and offer high returns for your minimal investment.
  • Blog Posts and Online Articles — Fresh content keeps your website’s traffic (and PageRank) strong.
  • Web Copy — Let your customers know you mean business–convert those prospects to cold cash.
  • Ebooks — Premiums make you an authority, providing value to your audience.
  • Newspaper and Magazine Articles — your name in actual print–what could be more credible and trustworthy than that?
  • Press Releases — Snag local and national attention for your business or organization.
  • Newsletters — Build lists of loyal followers and fans and watch that funnel grow.
  • Email/Direct Mail Campaigns — Launch new products, reboot old ones, and make your customers remember you.
  • Case Studies — Showcase what you’ve done for others to position your business as the go-to.

You Should Hire Me to Write Your Content

  • I’m professional copywriter with nearly 10 years in the content creation business.
  • I place quality above all else–if you’re readers don’t actually read it what good does it do?
  • I’m familiar with SEO best-practices, affiliate marketing, WordPress, and a number of writing styles.
  • I provide fast turnaround (usually within days, not weeks).
  • I have a whole Client List of satisfied individuals to help convince you.
  • I provide unlimited revisions (whether you need them or not) for 30 days after delivery.

If you’d like to discuss a project, get in touch today!