5 Places to Find Ideas for Local Blog Posts

You’ve heard that local SEO is essential for building your online reputation and driving internet traffic (especially mobile search) to your website. You know that one of the key components of a good local SEO strategy is posting local-oriented posts on your company’s blog. But how do you come up with ideas for local blog posts that don’t sound like you’re stuffing keywords into a string of gibberish? The answer to that question is simple: Open your eyes. There are literally millions of inspirational ideas for local blog posts floating around you every day. You hear them on the radio, read them in the newspaper, see them on television, and witness them as you drive down the street. The ideas are plentiful—it’s spotting them that’s difficult.

Spot Ideas for Local Blog Posts by Shutting Off Your Autopilot

Most of us usually coast through life on a sort of autopilot. That can be bad for business and bad for us in general. In practice it’s always best to be more present in your life. Not only will you enjoy things more you’ll begin to notice things you never have before.

In short, if you shut off your autopilot and begin actively thinking about the sights, sounds, experiences, and interactions you have it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. You’ll find yourself stumbling over ideas for local blog posts literally everywhere you go.

(Pro Tip: Long ago I took to the habit of carrying a notebook in my pocket whenever I left the house—I know, paper is old school but I like the tactile sensation of pen on pad—I suggest you do the same.)

Where to Find Killer Ideas for Local Blog Posts

  • On the News Keep an eye and ear tuned to your local news for stories that could tangentially relate to your business. If you’re in the hospitality business learn to snag stories about events, service businesses (like wedding planning and catering), and new and emerging trends. Some bloggers call this “Newsjacking” because you’re essentially “hijacking” a news story and using it for your own purposes.
  • From Friends No doubt your friends like to tell you about trips they’ve gone on, things they’ve seen, experiences they’ve had. These are all great fodder and with a little tweaking can become great ideas for local blog posts. Say your in-laws just got back from a trip to Eastport and stopped at a diner along the way. They’re raving about the pot roast dinner but all you hear is how they nearly missed the place because the sign was overgrown. I bet your tree service blog could capitalize on that!
  • From TelevisionWe, as a nation spend far too much time in front of the TV. The average American spends 5 hours a day in front of the boob tube. Turn that wasted time into SEO gold by twisting it to your ends. Like watching about diners and dives on Food Network? If you own a campground, hotel or motel a blog post about the best greasy spoon in your neck of the woods is perfect for your intended audience.
  • From Your Customers Your customers represent a wealth of market data and critical feedback. If you’re not mining that resource you’re doing yourself no favors, my friend. Ask your current customers how they found you, what they think of you, and what could make their experiences better. Say you had a customer complain about a four wheeler you sold them–it wasn’t fast enough they said but that’s because it was a trail model not a racing machine. Improve your customer service with a blog post about how to choose the right ATV. Shift that local SEO into high gear by writing about actual locations nearby (towns, lakes, hunting lodges, ski resorts, ATV trails, etc.).
  • From Your Competition Hijacking your competition may seem a little underhanded but companies have been doing it for decades. Why do you think Burger King always lets McDonald’s franchisees do all the market research and groundbreaking before they open a restaurant right across the street? So what’s wrong with snooping on your competitor’s website to see what they’re writing about? You shouldn’t steal their content but just reading it may spark dozens of ideas for local blog posts you can use.

    Get Creative

    Sometimes turning a big issue into an idea for a local blog post can be daunting but if you break the concept down and determine how it relates (or could possibly relate) to your specific business you can come up with some real gems. To learn more about the importance of blogging for your business and how to do it well, subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed. To find a writer who can help you turn those ideas for local blog posts into SEO, contact me today.

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