About Me

Copywriter Offering Professional Writing Services in Maine and Beyond

Specializing in Local SEO Writing & Quality Blog Building

Copywriter Robert Palmer offers professional writing services

Professional Copywriter

For nearly a decade I’ve offered professional writing services in Maine and around the world. I have extensive experience in creating various forms of content for both web and print distribution. My work has appeared in/on:  websites, newspapers, trade journals, magazines, marketing materials, and more.

Most recently I’ve been providing high-quality SEO writing to web development companies and multiple law firms across the country.

I am:

  • A local SEO writer
  • An experienced legal blogger (personal injury, civil rights, investor fraud, etc.)
  • A feature article writer (both digital and print)
  • A former feature writer for a local newspaper
  • A published creative fiction author
  • An all-around swell guy!

I’ve written for entrepreneurs, expert affiliate marketers, top national law firms, international websites, trade journals, Hollywood models, newspapers, magazines . . . the list goes on.

Don’t pay for churn-and-burn “Internet Writers” that leave you with worthless words. Get high-quality SEO writing from a professional at a comfortable price!

I’ve been a professional writer since 2007 and have proficiency in:

  • Article writing (both in print and online)
  • Blog writing
  • SEO writing
  • Legal writing
  • Bio writing
  • E-book writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Historical research
  • Creative writing
  • WordPress

I hold a BA in history  but I’ve written on subjects ranging from How To Nail Job Interviews to the Progression of Irish Nationalism; from Legal Copy about personal injury lawsuits to jewelry Niche Marketing; from Travel Writing to Drugs, Sex, and Death (literally).

If you want quality, attention to detail, courteous interaction, and peace of mind — place your project in my hands and see what a difference a professional can make!