When is it Time to Hire a Copywriter in Maine?

Is it time for you to a hire a copywriter in Maine?

As your business matures and you ease into your role as owner, you’ll likely release the white-knuckle-grip you’ve had on the day-to-day operations that you’ve held since day one. You’ll learn over time that there are things you can delegate to other people and things you should delegate to other people. One of those things … Read more

The Five Best Types of Blog Posts for Your Business Website

The best types of blog posts for your business website

Web readers are a finicky bunch. They have evolved short attention spans over the years (I blame MTV) and don’t sit still long enough to even get to the bottom of an online article. Given that it would seem counterintuitive that one of the best SEO tools at your disposal is still fresh, relevant blog … Read more

How to Hire a Copywriter Without the Hassle (Or the Regret)

how to hire a copywriter without the hassle or regret

It’s time to hire a professional to write content for your website, newsletter, brochures, or white papers. Excellent! Now what? You’re a small business owner. You know a lot about hiring employees, local trade professionals, and the advertising folks at the local news outlets but what do you know about hiring a writer? Dealing with … Read more

5 Places to Find Ideas for Local Blog Posts

Comgin up with ideas for local blog posts doesn't have to be hard.

You’ve heard that local SEO is essential for building your online reputation and driving internet traffic (especially mobile search) to your website. You know that one of the key components of a good local SEO strategy is posting local-oriented posts on your company’s blog. But how do you come up with ideas for local blog … Read more

More Cellphone Towers & Better Data Service Means More Local Mobile Search—Is Your Website Ready?

local mobile search will rule even in Downeast Maine

For years residents of Washington and Hancock Counties have had to deal with substandard cellphone service. Spotty connectivity, “Dead Zones,” and poor wireless data strengths have plagued the Downeast Region for decades. While most locals have “gotten used to” the poor coverage, many visitors (especially seasonal tourists) are shocked by how poor the service really is. … Read more

7 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Local Search Results

improve your local search results on a mobile device

Local search results are more important than ever—and will continue to become increasingly important as mobile technology develops. A decade ago cellphones were a novelty. Now smartphones are a necessity. We carry them everywhere we go (and even wear some of them on our sleeves). We depend on them for connectivity, entertainment, and finding great … Read more

Earning Backlinks the Right Way

Earning backlinks the right way to boost SEO and serps performance

What Are Backlinks and Why are They Important? Backlinks are a tool that search engines like Google use to determine how relevant your website’s content is. These links are created when one website links back (hence the term “backlink”) to yours. That link improves the relevance score of whatever content it is linked to, thus improving … Read more

Niche Marketing Success Story–Selling a Product Everyone Hates

SmokingPipes.com A Niche Marketing Success Story

How SmokingPipes.com Created a Mutlimillion Dollar Business Selling Tobacco Products in Today’s Health-Conscious Society It’s counterintuitive to think you can make a living (let alone a killing) selling a product that everyone is supposed to hate but that’s exactly what Sykes Wilford has done. The owner of Landis Enterprises (operator of SmokingPipes.com) has used smart marketing, excellent … Read more